Devoted to my unrealostic dream to win Derby in Epsom :)

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My winners in Staffordshire Bull Terriers and other breeds:

handler Milla Balashova
Some Staffordshire Bullterriiers in my hadling we won with:
Vala Mal Doran Loniek Carbonarastaff
Vallarin Loniek Carbonarastaff
Loniek Cold Fear
Dzhey Ti Virginia Vismut
Thorax First Thyme
Dzhey Ti Zeus Nice Red Boy
Dzhey Ti Diamond Destiny
Olly Clan Baby Lou
Olly Clan Gambler
Olly Clan Gypsy
Dice Fay Slade Czech
Sonrisa Feliz Pasita Suave
Flaming Vortex Brilliar
Olly Clan Evita
Rus Terer Blacky Bun
Heiter Krieger Antonio Banderas
Solar Wings Aerosmith
Solar Wings Agent Steel
Solar Wings AL CAPONE
Solar Wings Be Casual
Solar Wings Warhammer Nike
Solar Wings Willard
Solar Wings Wingardium Leviosa
Solar Wings White Dream Born To Win
Solar Wings Wonder Boy Jakard Wejherstaff
Solar Wings J Z Night Wish
Solar Wings Image of Shea
Solar Wings Kissable And Lovable
Solar Wings Ice Breaker
Solar Wings Malefisent
Solar Wings Priori Incantatem
Solar Wings Phoenix Tears
Solar Wings Pure Blood

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